March 21, 2017

When we first contacted them in the summer of 2015 we received a call back quickly and a time was set to review our yard and discuss the fall work that would be needed. Ms. Murphy was on time for the appointment, very courteous and very knowledgeable offering suggestion on what should/could be done and a timeline for the work. With a variety of work to be done Ms. Murphy provided a price estimate that included the jobs separately which allowed me to choose with I could afford to do first and what chores would have to wait to later. The Dream Green crew arrived on our planned day for the lawn work. They worked very well; did all the planned work and cleaned up the yard. Later in the fall we had them return to rack leaves from our very large yard with a multitude of trees. I was amazed at the speed they were able to remove the leaves. The yard was spotless. I would highly recommend them of any yard work.

  • Category: Handymen, Landscaping, Lawn & Yard Work, Leaf Removal, Tree Service
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $450